Welcome to allspark

Welcome to allspark



ALLSPARKS’ are extraterrestrial creatures indigenous to the Planet ALLSPARK, located in the deep galaxy of blockchains.

ALLSPARK, was initially inhabited by thy Dorian dynasty, who had sole control over the precious nuclear power source. As a result of the Supernova of DRS-5, a new power source was formed, which halved the Dorian population. The Supernova led to the birth of the Daisan dynasty. This created hostility and discord on ALLSPARK.

ALLSPARKS are divided into different guilds: Officials, Military Force, Civilians, and Hybrids. However, they all share the same language. The main reason for the clash between the dynasties is the desire to monopolize the major sources of power - Nuclear and Supernova.

Out of the 4444 ALLSPARKS, 13 hybrids obtained Nuclear and Supernova powers that are transformed into the magic power. 

Every day is about survival of the fittest on the Planet of ALLSPARK; it is a fierce competition and the search for who is the better gun. 

The sole mission on the ALLSPARK Planet is to eliminate the opponent.






David Jafaridze
Co-Artist & DEV

Since his early childhood, David has loved innovating and creating new things. Experimenting and pushing his limits to the edge is his passion.  

Lasha Jafaridze
Leading Artist

He mentioned that idea of ALLSPARK had struck him seven years ago, and that’s when he started to conceptualize the first drafts of ALLSPARK in his sketchbook. 

Nikoloz Gelashvili
Team Leader

The mastermind who makes things happen. Strategic Partnerships, Cooperations, Networking, Alphas, Frenzy got us covered as we call him WEB3 Lobbyist. 

Top advisor

You probably heard his name already, Top Twitch influencer, Proud Boryoku Dragonz Holder, and the type of person you can always rely on. 

Community Manager 

An integral member of the ALLSPARK team, you can always find him roaming in Discord. Flickzy is always searching for new collaboration opportunities in WEB2 and WEB3.

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